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Hello, we're Steve and Diana Kimpton - the people behind The Word Pool. We enjoy designing and building websites and hope you'll let us build one for you.

Diana is a children's author with more than 40 books published so far and more in the pipeline. It's that background which triggered our enthusiasm for the world of books - a place we've found to be full of delightful real people as well as imaginary dragons, schoolboy wizards and talking teddy bears.

Steve is the technical half of the partnership. His many years experience in the computer industry have given him a confidence and expertise which is invaluable in tackling web based projects. He's also good at explaining technical stuff in words even the most computer illiterate person can understand.

Our original Word Pool site is now a well established source of information for anyone interested in choosing or writing children's books and The UK Children's Books Directory is a natural development from that.

Our third site, ContactAnAuthor, is designed to put people in touch with authors who are willing to give talks and interviews and it's a particularly good way to locate authors willing to visit schools.

Developing and running these three sites has taught as a great deal about publicising books on the Internet - experience which is invaluable when building sites for other people.

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