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We've been building websites for authors, illustrators and publishers since 2001. The web has changed during that time and so have our designs.

Here are some of our favourites.

  Help With Publishing A site about self-publishing with a large information section and a seachable database of editors, designers and illustrators.
Trampolining Bear Children's book site including twinkling stars, bouncing bear, wordsearch, pairs game and slide puzzle
Janet Foxley Author site with animated picture on home page

Beverley Naidoo

Celebrated South African author's site with a South African feel.

Rosalie Warren Colour scheme chosen to match her latest book while the sea theme links to her previous books.
Island Tourist Products Wholesaler's site integrated with the customers stock system

Enables authors to advertise their availability for interviews, talks, workshops and commissions. It includes a database and an easy-to-use but sophisticated search facility.

David Bedford

This author's site uses characters from his books and picture switching to add child appeal.

Geoffrey Malone

A wordpress site so that the owner can make additions and adjustments by himself whenever he wants

A Special Child
in the Family
A new use for an out-of-print book with all the text online for anyone to read.
Julie Sykes A bright colourful site for a children's author
Julia Donaldson This site for the best-selling author of The Gruffalo   features a beanstalk and bee specially created by her illustrator. (internal pages)
Linda Chapman Twinkling stars decorate this site for the author of My Secret Unicorn and other successful children's series.;

Margaret McAllister chose to use a picture of her house as the navigation on the home page. Run your mouse over the windows and chimneys to find the links and a hidden guinea pig.
Valerie Wilding
Run your mouse over the links to see the covers of this author's books.
Pippa Goodhart This site uses uses characters from one of her books to produce a friendly feel.
Brian Keaney A striking combination of grey and red provides a moody feel that suits this author's books for older children and teenagers.
Catrin Collier Catrin designed her site herself and then handed it over to us to create.
Fowey Harbour Another non-book site. One of a growing number using Wordpress so that the owners can easily update the content.
Diana Kimpton Diana's own site echoes the cartoon picture on the homepage i in the colour scheme and links.
Theodor Storm A research resource site that celebrates the life and works of the 19th century German literary giant.   
Maureen Lee Reflects the Liverpool setting of this author's novels set in wartime Liverpool.
Jane Hatton This Cornish author's site is sea-blue on white with a seagull motif.