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Do-It-Yourself Updates

You may have some sections on your website that you know you will want to change frequently. Maybe you want to include a list of your speaking engagements, a note on the progress of your latest book or a weekly joke spot.

If you are happy to leave the rest of the site maintenance to us, our do-it-yourself updateable sections may be just the solution you need. You can have these anywhere in your site and they allow you to update sections of text as often as you like without any risk of upsetting the rest of the page.

How the System works
When you first give us the text, you tell us which sections you would like to be able to change. For example, suppose you wanted to be able to change part or all of a school visits page

You'd just let us know that this section should be a DIY section called, for example, "school visits ". (You can use any name you like.)

We'll give you a password.To change this text, you open a password protected page on your site that is not available to ordinary users. This lists all your DIY sections and, when you pick the one you want to edit, another page opens with your content...


DIY screenshot

You can edit the text directly on screen and the section will automatically be updated on your site as soon as you press the Publish key. Pictures have to be uploaded before you use them using the 'Upload new pictures' button.

You can create text sections in Word and paste them into the editor using the special 'Paste from Word' button in the tools at the top of the editor (pasting directly often causes problems as Word is not web compliant).

To try out the text editor, go to www.wordpooldesign.co.uk/DIY2/guest.php.

Always take a look at your pages after you have made any changes -sometimes things don't look quite the way you imagine when you plan them out! If you get into a real tangle, you can contact us and we'll sort you out for free