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Thoughts for the day

A thought for the day (or quote of the day if you prefer) looks like the section below, highlighted in cream.

Mary Mary, quite contrary
How does your garden grow?
"With silver bells
And golden shells
And pretty maids, all in a row"
Nursery rhyme

But what's the hidden meaning?


The quotes are taken from a list held on the server. If you wish, you can add an attribution and/or a comment from you.

The first quote on the list is presented on the 1st January and the following quotes are used sequentially for each day. If there are fewer than 365 quotes, (366 in leap year) the list just wraps around and starts again. So, if you provide 30 quotes, each one will be repeated about once a month. This constant change helps give your site a fresh feel for return visitors.

If you don't want to get involved with the technical side of your website, you can pay us to add, delete and change quotes for you (in which case you don't need to read the rest of this page).

Alternatively you can make changes yourself using our DIY updating system. To see how this works, click here here to open the features control window to see this in action. Then scroll to the quotes section and click on "demo" to open the demo quotes list. For simplicity, we've only provided two quotes.

The rules for the quotes are given above the edit box. Note that any new-line characters at the start or end of the quote, attribution and comment are thrown away so you can use new lines to lay out the file neatly.

Although you can edit directly in the edit box, the easiest way to start is to prepare the list of quotes in a word processor and then paste them in.

When your quotes are complete, you just put type in your password and press the submit button.